The Springfield Antiques Show and Flea Market has been considered one of America’s top events for over 40 years. Held 9 times per year at the Clark County Fairgrounds (Ohio) it has consistently produced great antiques, vintage and flea market finds.

Our semi-annual Extravaganza’s (May and September) feature over 2,000 vendors and 20,000 customer in an event so epic, it must be seen to be believed.



Dealer Spotlight

Cabin 19 Supply Co: Lancaster, OH

As a child, my parents took me and my brother on vacation to a remote lake in the Canadian wilderness. We always stayed in the same rustic fishing cabin, Cabin 19. Mike and I spent hours and hours exploring and foraging the rocky granite shoreline, swimming in cold black water laced with lily pads, walking in the woods and portaging canoes over rapids to look for moose and bear. Those moments instilled in me a deep love for nature and especially water. Every time our couple of weeks vacation came to an end I stood on a boulder at the edge of the lake in front of that cabin and cried. My heart would ache until I could return.


Those summers shaped the rest of my life in many ways. I continue to forage to this day. I am a collector, a hunter gatherer, a modern day pirate with an eye for stylish objects that sing a song of a cabin in the woods, a cottage on a beach or any coastal home. I find beauty in pieces evoking those memories and moments and fill my home, and now a website, with them.